PWW has been helping writers strengthen their skills for nearly two decades. Many of our alumni write us to express their gratitude for the program and to share news of their accomplishments.

© Meredith Mullins

“An early draft of my novel, Cooper’s Promise, was subjected to an intensive one-week workshop at the PWW. I say ‘subjected’ because my story was twisted, shoved, and torn apart — and it was great. Not only did it help me build my craft, but contributed to how I continuously relooked at Cooper’s story through several rewrites. Ultimately it was published to astonishing reviews… I credit PWW with contributing not only to Cooper’s success, but also to my mastery of the writing craft, at least to the extent that I have mastered it.”

Timothy Jay Smith, author of Cooper’s Promise
and A Vision of Angels, PWW alumnus

“At the Paris Writers’ Workshop, you meet great people who encourage and help you years after the workshop is over. The networking participants do have an impact. For me, the workshop is about writing – but it is also about great people!”

Janet Skeslien, author of Moonlight in Odessa,
PWW alumna

“I cannot thank you enough for the incredible experience and exposure I gained at the workshop in 2012. I signed with the same agency I had a consultation with during the workshop. The Paris Writers’ Workshop literally breathed life to my dreams, and I will be forever grateful.”

Laura Daugherty, journalist, PWW alumna 2012

“My book of creative nonfiction, Hemingway on a Bike, was published and received excellent reviews and it won the 2015 AML Award. I also recently received word that my third book, Invisible Men will be published by the University of Indiana Press, forthcoming in 2017.”

Eric Freeze, Author of Hemingway on a Bike,
PWW alumnus 2010, PWW faculty 2014

Photo: © Meredith Mullins
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