The Paris Writers’ Workshop (PWW) held its 28th session in 2016. PWW, which is now held biennially, is hosted by WICE, a well-respected community program founded over 30 years ago by Anglophones residing in Paris. With the support of WICE, the Paris Writers’ Workshop has established a strong international reputation for the quality of its instruction, the caliber of its faculty, and the success of its workshop participants.

Over the past two decades, PWW has become an integral part of the Paris creative writing scene. Many participants – both teachers and students – return to PWW year after year. That continuity has not only strengthened the program, but also the English-speaking writing community, which Paris has always welcomed. In turn, the Paris Writers’ Workshop draws energy from the rich cultural heritage of Paris.

Over the years, PWW has attracted many award-winning faculty, including Marilyn Hacker, Samantha Chang (Director of the Iowa Summer Creative Writing Workshop), Ayana Mathis, Mimi Swartz, Ellen Sussman, and Eric Freeze. Additionally, many of our past instructors have found the experience of teaching here so rewarding that they have approached us to ask if they can return.

One of the best indicators of success is the number of PWW alumni who return. Roughly 30 percent of each year’s student participants have attended a previous Paris Writers’ Workshop. And, while many of our writers are based in Paris, we have writers who join us from all over the globe.  

Past participants have said that they attach particular value to PWW’s high quality of instruction and its reasonable cost. But, perhaps what participants value the most is the energetic writing community that forms around each workshop. Come join our international community of writers.

© Alastair Arthur
© Alastair Arthur
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