Manuscript Submission

Please find below submission guidelines for the master class instructors. Material must be e-mailed to the following address unless otherwise indicated  with the subject stating that it is a manuscript submission for PWW

Novel – Samantha Chang

I would like a double-spaced, 20-page work sample and a 1 page single-spaced synopsis.

Poetry – Kathleen Spivack

Send to as well as so that they can be read as soon as possible. No more than 5 pages. Times New Roman, font size 12.

  • Page 1 – No more than two paragraphs, one page only!
    • What are your goals for your writing in general and what has been in the way?
    • What are you particularly interested in working on in this course?
  • Page 2 – No more than four paragraphs (one page)!
    • A very brief summary of your writing experience.
    • Have you studied writing before, where and with whom?
    • A few sentences about where you are in life and what particular life experiences have contributed to your writing.
    • If you have published, provide some information about the publication(s). If you have not, it’s fine. Please do not worry about impressing me. My class is all about process and the journey.
  • Pages 3 to 5 – Three pages of your writing each containing one complete poem or short poetic journal entry (you are not sure whether it is a poem or not) or short bit of poetic prose. One complete sample per page.
    • Pages 3 and 4 should contain work that you consider to be okay.
    • Page 5 should have a piece of writing that you are currently working on that is giving you problems. Please indicate what you think the problems are.
  • Most importantly, don’t obsess about what you send. You will be writing your very best with me no matter what your level. Don’t send me more than I have asked for. You are welcome to email me ( or telephone me (+1-617-926-1637 – by appointment) ahead of time to discuss if this course is right for you.


Short Story/Novella – Alecia McKenzie

Please send a double-spaced, 1,000-word short-story sample, along with a 200-word paragraph about your reasons for taking the course and what you expect from it, to:

Dimitri Keramitas (Director of the Paris Writers Workshop and WICE Creative Writing Program) at The material will be forwarded to the instructor.

Creative Nonfiction – Lise Funderberg

I would like to see up to 2500 words of prose (preferably but not necessarily nonfiction, along with a paragraph or two about what those attending hope to work on during the workshop (regarding either subjects or aspects of craft). Send the above to the


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