Paris Writers Workshop Events

For more details on each of the Paris Writers Workshop Events, visit the relevant page listed below.

Master Classes

Each master class consists of 5 sessions held over the week. For more information about the class content and the class lecturer, click on the links below.

Choose your genre from among the following course offerings. Once you have decided on the workshop that is right for you, go to the registration page to register for the class.

If this is your first time at PWW, here are some tips about getting the most out of the week. For manuscript submission details, see here.

Panel Discussions

  • Navigating Today’s Publishing Environment – Topics to include: streamlining the submission process, marketing and the author’s platform, and alternative publishing.
  • Ethics and the Writer – Topics to include: writing about others, writing about The Other, cultural appropriation, and writing about (or ignoring) politics.
  • The Personal Side of Writing – Topics to include: age and the writer, balancing family and writing, balancing the day job (or commercial writing) and creative writing.

Agent Consultations

Writers with a complete project, or one in progress, may seek professional advice from agents offering consultations at the PWW. Agents will comment on a writer’s manuscript excerpt (10 double-spaced pages), to be submitted by 15 June, and they will also spend 20 minutes in a face-to-face consultation. The consultations are not limited to master class students.  This event is priced at €65, and is not part of the general workshop package.

This year’s agents:

April Eberhardt

Mark Kessler

To learn more about this year’s agents,follow the links.

To see the schedule for the Paris Writers Workshop Events 2018, click here.

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